Justin Iles
Counsellor and Meditation Teacher in Lincoln


Counselling Services

I work with adults, teenagers and children over 6 years old. All sessions are held at Central Wellness, 2 Allenby Business Village, Lincoln, LN3 4NL.


Talking Therapy

For me, counselling is about offering a safe and warm place for you to come and share the more difficult aspects of your life that perhaps you are unable to share with others. It is about walking alongside you in your pain in the hope that my presence may make that pain a little more bearable. During my training I learnt various psychological tools such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA) and clinical mindfulness (MBCT). Some people find these tools extremely valuable in helping them break free from old habits and live with more openness and peace. However, many people simply want someone to listen. I remember in one of the 1st sessions with my own therapist, I told her a brief history of my life, which she then reflected back to me – this was an incredibly powerful moment, as I realised she had been listening to everything I had said. This was the first time in my life that someone had just ‘listened’ without judgement or advice.

Human suffering comes in many forms; reasons for someone to come for counselling may include: depression, loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, bereavement, relationship difficulties (including our relationship with food), addiction, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. This list is by no means complete, and it doesn’t always have to be so clinical. Some people may just need a bit of moral support in order to ask out a woman at work who they have adored for years or perhaps apply for that dream job that they really want but don’t think they are quite good enough for or don’t deserve. I have undergone specialist training in working with trauma and have helped people with experiences such as childhood abuse and terrorist bombings – though trauma is not necessarily so dramatic - school bullying or emotional abuse from parents can have a lasting effect which can perhaps prevent us from living full and meaningful lives. No matter the cause of the trauma, it affects the brain in a similar way. Relief generally comes through moving the traumatic memory into normal long term memory. I find the ‘Rewind’ technique and the mindfulness tool of ‘draining’ useful to aid in this process.

There are some issues that require specialist treatment such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar. If I feel that I do not have the necessary skills to help you, I’ll let you know on the initial assessment and do my best to assist you in finding the help you need.

Play Therapy

Some younger children find expressing themselves through play easier than talking. From an outside perspective, it may look like we are just playing, but there is something magical at work here. It is almost as though the toys are absorbing the pain from deep within. By entering into the world of play, a child’s pain and distress can be seen more clearly and the process of healing can begin.

Playing is not just for children though. Many adults find creative therapies such as sand tray, art and clay modelling extremely beneficial as they can allow deep insights into ourselves and our relationships with others.

I have a lot of experience and training in working with young people with autism and learning disabilities. Depending on the severity of the condition, therapy may or may not be beneficial, please chat to me if you are unsure.

Fees - adults £40 per hour, under 18s £30 per hour

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If you would like to find out more about counselling please get in touch.