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Classes, Courses & Workshops 

  Participants on the 8 week Mindfulness course

Participants on the 8 week Mindfulness course

Here you will find a listing of the various meditation classes, courses and workshops that I currently offer. Unless otherwise stated, the location is Central Wellness in Lincoln, UK and online booking is available. See below for a listing of other meditation related services I provide.

General mindfulness class

1st and 3rd Sundays, 7pm – 8.30pm (£7 drop in, series pass discounts available)
A place for like minded people to come together and study the art of meditation. Meditation is an art form and like any skill, time is needed to gain mastery. The untrained mind is said to be like a naughty monkey, swinging from tree to tree; but with a bit of skill and a whole lot of patience the mind will begin to settle and insight will grow. Developing a broad, non-judgmental continuous awareness, learning how to work skilfully with difficult emotions and developing positive mind states such as compassion and equanimity.

Buddhist meditation and study group

2nd and 4th Sundays, 7pm – 8.30pm (£7 drop in, series pass discounts available)
This group looks at the more traditional Buddhist meditation styles of Vipassana and Samatha. We also delve into scriptural study, chanting and mantra, as well as Buddhist ethics and how they can be applied to modern life. Sessions are light hearted and include lots of traditional stories and poems.

8 week course in mindfulness based stress reduction and relaxation

Sundays 4pm - 6.30pm 20th January – 17th March, with a full day of mindfulness practice on March 10th. £225 per person (early bird offer of £200 available until 30th November.

This 8 week course is about learning the skill of mindfulness meditation with the aim of reducing stress levels and all the negative consequences they bring with them such as headaches, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. It is also about learning how to be in the world with joy and vitality, about choosing your path in life instead of being dragged along by the winds of fortune.

Other Meditation Related Services

Corporate & Organisational Workshops

I offer a variety of bespoke workshops and staff development programmes to businesses, schools and organisations which introduce mindfulness practices and help people develop skills in applying them within their own context. These can be a great fit for employee wellness or to help students manage stress. As an example, I can offer a 2 hour ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ workshop as part of a training day or twilight session for £95.

One-to-one meditation tuition

For anyone seeking a more personalised approach I offer one to one support in developing a meditation practice tailored to an individual's specific context.

If you would like to find out more about any of the above offerings, please follow the links or get in touch